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i-kit: Recipes

Isolated regenerative ideas for self-care

This project is about the small steps you can take towards caring for yourself during times of enforced isolation.
It became apparent to me that my friends and family were unsure how to show themselves love while stuck at home.

I once had a mentor that made it apparent to me that if I cannot express gratitude for what I am and what I do, there aren’t an overwhelming amount of people that will exceed that level of respect and love you have for yourself.

In efforts of expressing my appreciation for the people around me and everything that they do, I have been gathering materials to incorporate into care packages. (This is an ongoing portion of the project that I have practiced since learning how to send letters in the year 2000.) Gift giving and letter writing are very dear gestures, to me which I incorporated into my work frequently.

I have chosen to incorporate an online route to access some of the recipes I have included in the package. The polyvocality of the project includes submissions from friends of their best self-care regimens. I plan to add to this portion of the project by including additional recipes and linking it through social media as a small resource page.

I have chosen to use my own handwriting as a deliberate stray away from technology, and if we’re being honest, my internet is sub-par which most days leaves me without access. This brings up questions of accessibility, which deemed a physical package more so reachable.

What did I face with this project? 
Multiple constraints in terms of resources, however this opened up more than a few doors in regards to creativity and even permission to use/ work with things you overlook, or often times disregard entirely.